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Don’t shoot your website guys. Part 2 (Going forward)

It’s a fallacy to assume that launching a well designed, written and keyphrase optimised website will mean you’ll always rank well in search engine results. And months or years after launch, when all that great work your website guys did has all been forgotten, it’s time to blame them for a poor showing. Wrong. The […]

How to budget for a website

Happily I get to do the copywriting for lots of websites and I’m often asked how much a client should be paying for ‘website design’. In suggesting a ballpark figure, I’m quick to add that it really depends on what’s included… As with any creative design process, there’s always plenty of alternative options to consider. […]

‘Landing page’ by name and not by nature

“Why’s it called a landing page when it’s actually not the place where we want customers to finally end up?” came the remark. I’d just been talking about writing a few e-shots and had been expressing a need for them to be consistent with respective ‘landing pages’, website and social media pages. “It’s a pretty […]