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Press releases a tool of last resort?

Reading an interview with Verizon, the USA telecom company, had me pondering over the future of the press release as a communications medium. To quote the article, “Our major business units are using traditional news releases as a tool of last resort.  In its place are blogs, videos, podcasts, social media and proactive storytelling…” So […]

7 reasons why press releases are useful

When a start-up or SME pooh-poohs the suggestion of producing a press release, I’m never that surprised. After all, by its very naming it’s got a rather specific and specialised use – a method of issuing news to the media, with the aim of generating ‘free’ publicity in return. It’s much more useful than that […]

The right attitude for sending a press release

I write a number of press releases for start-ups and SMEs who haven’t got the budget to engage with a press relations agency. More often than not though I’m asked, ‘What’s next?’, ‘What’s the best way of getting it published?’ While I’m happy to discuss the convenience of using the many press release distribution services, […]

Don’t confuse a press release for something else

Some of the fallout I’m still seeing from the Google search algorithm changes is an increase in the number of businesses approaching me to write press releases. Good small to medium sized companies, they’ve sadly plummeted down the Google rankings and are looking for ways to build more ‘quality, authority and relevance’ into their marketing. […]