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Is it OK to start a sentence with ‘and’?

I wrote a website for a fantastic recruitment consultant in Bristol a few months ago.  And then out of the blue I received the following message from her: “I have just noticed that there are a few occasions where the sentences start with the word ‘And’. Is this grammatically acceptable? I was always taught not to start […]

Latent semantic indexing. What?

I often seem to know when a topic is trending.  This time it’s ‘latent semantic indexing’ or ‘LSI’.  I’ve had three enquiries in the last month or so for website copywriting or rewriting where the main pre-requisite has been ‘in-depth understanding of LSI’.  In my books that’s a trend. Ensuing conversations have revealed quite a […]

Email subject line survey reconfirms best practice

For ardent believers of the euphemism, ‘there’s always more than one way to crack an egg’, the notion that there’s a rigid ‘best practice’ for something can be trying. Without some empirical evidence, promoting a best practice approach to writing something, that’s based on a blend of experience, historic teachings and good old gut feel […]

A good headline isn’t as vital it as it used to be…

NOT my belief. Just a remark I overheard at a marketing event.  Unable to challenge it at the time, it’s played on my mind.  How on earth could he have reached such a conclusion?  Is it based on a view that ‘content is king’ and therefore a headline has somehow become less important? I’m mulling it […]

How to slow the skimmers. The 6 S’s.

Think of skim reading as a forest fire, rushing headlong, unstoppable, caring little for what it consumes.  Dangerous stuff if you’re trying to get readers to stop and absorb a particular marketing message. And you can’t stop it either.  Skim reading, speed reading – whatever you want to call it, isn’t just a habit, it’s […]

So what is a copywriter?

I’ve had a number of new business enquiries since the turn of the year, which is always great. SMEs who’ve Googled ‘website writers’, ‘writer for brochure’, ‘advert writing’ etc. have happily landed on my website and called me. From those that’ve never used a copywriter before, one of the first questions I’m asked is along […]

When words matter more than images

I admit to you it’s rare that I ever follow a LinkedIn discussion to the bitter end, but one caught my attention entitled, ‘Image or word?  Which one do you believe is more powerful when communicating with others.’ Hosted by the international ‘Marketing Communications’ group and involving more than 50 participants, the discussion presented wide-ranging […]