When it really helps to clarify what you do, the benefit you bring to customers or how you’re different or better, then a strapline (‘slogan’ or ‘tagline’) is a powerful marketing weapon.I can write it for you.

Understanding your business’s mission in life, its advantages and how it differs, I’ll write a selection of straplines for you to choose from.  They’ll be short, memorable, tailored to your business and appealing to your customers.

A few small words that capture the true essence of your company, a strapline that becomes an inseparable part of your brand – if you need one writing just get in touch.

Email or call Rob on +44 (0)1225 426 815.  Strapline examples available on request.

PS  And if you also need a new logo, a logo revamp or a complete brand identity perhaps, then I can provide that too.  I also manage marketing projects as well.

Save time. Reduce stress. Enhance communication. Let me write it for you ...

Email rob@marcomwords.com

Call Rob on +44(0)1225 426 815 or mobile +44(0)7715 748 973