With more than 80% of us relying on search engines to find the websites we need (among more than a billion sites out there…) SEO content writing is certainly important. Not just for websites though. SEO writing is vital to all the digital ‘touch-points’ you offer customers, including blogs, emails and press releases.

Have a worthy blog or press release published on-line and they’ll get indexed by a search engine, just like a web page.  So research and placement of target keywords, keyword-rich links, titles, header tags etc. are all worth attending to.

Not at the expense of content quality and readability though.  Your blog remains interesting and useful, your press release objective and newsworthy.  Both are a joy to read.  It just so happens they’re optimised for search engines too.

And while your promotional emails aren’t (yet…) indexed by Google, even they can benefit from the goodly principles of SEO copywriting.  Keywords in subject lines, quality content, alt tags for images… use them all to improve customer engagement.

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