Just like graphic design the written words you use to promote your business play a vital role in business branding. They immediately affect what people think about you. They help you engage with customers and stand out in a crowd, so they have to be right.

In an on-line world, consistency in all of your marketing writing is essential.  With it comes familiarity, belief and then trust.  Your writing expresses your business’s unique character and personality, it embodies your brand and presents your own distinctive corporate tone of voice.

Of course when you’ve many different people writing your marketing content, it can be really hard maintaining that consistent and confident corporate voice.  A helpful brand messaging and voice guide provides you with the extra support you need.

It’ll define your mission, key messages, customer personas, your brand’s core personality and tone of voice.  It’ll detail specific words or phrases you must use, and any you just don’t, preferences in grammar, in formatting.  Your guide will help you brand your writing.

So if you’re a small or medium sized business wanting to create a concise and effective brand messaging and voice guide, get in touch. Email or call Rob on +44(0)1225 426 815.

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