A strong corporate brand identity will get you recognised. Customers will identify and remember you, they’ll come to like you and trust you. It depends on a lot more than a logo though.

It’s also about the long-term goals of your business, its true purpose in life, its core values and human personality.  All need to be succinctly defined and reflected in your brand identity.

A brand identity guide (‘style guide’ or ‘identity manual’) brings it all together and sets the graphic design rules that ensure complete consistency in your marketing communications (marcom) and help you build a brand that’s distinctive, strong and robust.

It’ll clearly explain what your brand really means and how it’s to be presented at all times, in terms of the logo, the typefaces and colours, icons, photography, email signatures, favicons – everything.

So if you’re a small or medium sized business, looking to create a concise and effective brand identity guide, I can help you. Email or call Rob on +44(0)1225 426 815.

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