How important is writing your advertisement headline? Very. As a rule of thumb, it’s 70% of the effectiveness of your advert. To be persuasive it needs if possible to connect emotionally.

If a reader can’t understand your ad’s proposition within a few seconds, the advertisement has failed.  Be it in-print, an on-line banner or pay-per-click (Google Adwords).  Your advertisement writing needs to grab attention.

The words of your advert simply must provide useful, relevant information. Persuasive information that will interest the reader and prompt the desired action – now.

These days we’re overloaded with marketing content, so we skim read. Short is good: short words, short sentences, short paragraphs – clear and concise. Let me write your advert.

And if you want me to manage advertisement design and artwork as well as the writing, I can do that too. email or call Rob on +44(0)1225 426 815.  Advert writing examples available on request.

Save time. Reduce stress. Enhance communication. Let me write it for you ...


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