‘Landing page’ by name and not by nature

“Why’s it called a landing page when it’s actually not the place where we want customers to finally end up?” came the remark.

I’d just been talking about writing a few e-shots and had been expressing a need for them to be consistent with respective ‘landing pages’, website and social media pages. “It’s a pretty dumb name if you ask me,” he continued.

I had a sudden Reggie Perrin vision of a global dignitary ‘landing’ in a foreign country for the first time, a ton of red carpet, brass band, a long line of hand-shakers, podium, microphone, rambling speech, a bank of TV cameras.

Not the kind of simplicity you’d associate with a ‘landing page’, I reflected – simply far too much going on, too many distractions. “I agree” I replied.

Of course you’d argue that if there isn’t a ‘destination page’ for a ‘landing page’ to link through to, if it’s just offering a form to fill in, or a freephone number to ring, then the terminal ‘landing page’ name works fine. Or does it?

Irrespective of the call to action offered by a landing page, it surely is a prime ‘start point’ for a customer interaction, the ‘take-off page,’ ‘spring board page’, ‘launch pad page’, ‘discovery page’? ‘Landing page’ certainly does start to sound a bit limiting.

Whatever it’s called, a landing page (written correctly) should have one objective, one core message and one very clear action to take. So don’t even begin to think of it as some kind of final resting place. There’s a whole customer journey ahead.

I’ve just not got the nerve to start calling a landing page something else…