If it makes it easier don’t call it ‘a blog’

While the usefulness of a proper blog on a website is not in doubt, in terms of raising credibility and attracting customers and Google with useful and relevant articles, it’s simply not the be all and end all.

I say this because I speak to many SMEs who worry a lot about not being able to maintain a healthy blog. Either they’ve not got the time or the budget to get it done, or they’re just not in the kind of business or sector that seems to yield a regular article.

That being the case, I’ll often suggest just calling it something else. Yes, do integrate a page with a blogging function on your website, but just call it something else instead, like ‘News’. That pressure to come up with a continuous flow of meaty topical articles is gone in an instant.

If you’re already issuing press releases (and don’t have a dedicated ‘Press Releases’ page) then post them there. And post smaller company news there too: about new recruits, upcoming events, product offers, latest projects, charity work, mentions in industry articles etc. etc. – it’s all fair game.

Because by default of course, such mini-articles brought together in one place naturally include an abundance of relevant key phrases that describe very well what you offer and as a consequence make you easier to find on the net.

What customers see, and what search engines detect, is a dynamic company that’s still making a consistent effort to engage with its audience and share content. So yes, it might be lighter weight content, but it still has its purpose and value. It might just help to differentiate your business too.

And it goes without saying, but come the time when you do have a hot industry topic that you really do want to cover in some detail and depth, then get the article written up (by a marketing copywriter if you like…) and post it in the same place.

As long as it’s all related, there’s nothing wrong with mixing a variety of content and themes on a blogging platform, in fact it might just make it all the more interesting for readers and search engine spiders – not too mention a little less demanding.