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When words matter more than images

I admit to you it’s rare that I ever follow a LinkedIn discussion to the bitter end, but one caught my attention entitled, ‘Image or word?  Which one do you believe is more powerful when communicating with others.’ Hosted by the international ‘Marketing Communications’ group and involving more than 50 participants, the discussion presented wide-ranging […]

How to budget for a website

Happily I get to do the copywriting for lots of websites and I’m often asked how much a client should be paying for ‘website design’. In suggesting a ballpark figure, I’m quick to add that it really depends on what’s included… As with any creative design process, there’s always plenty of alternative options to consider. […]

So what’s this ‘tone of voice’ about?

Until only a few years ago I was never really asked about corporate tone of voice, these days it’s probably half a dozen times a year. In the main, the question’s come from SMEs. They’ve read about it online and they’re wondering whether it merits their attention. Admittedly, while I find that in most cases, […]

‘Landing page’ by name and not by nature

“Why’s it called a landing page when it’s actually not the place where we want customers to finally end up?” came the remark. I’d just been talking about writing a few e-shots and had been expressing a need for them to be consistent with respective ‘landing pages’, website and social media pages. “It’s a pretty […]