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So what is a copywriter?

I’ve had a number of new business enquiries since the turn of the year, which is always great. SMEs who’ve Googled ‘website writers’, ‘writer for brochure’, ‘advert writing’ etc. have happily landed on my website and called me. From those that’ve never used a copywriter before, one of the first questions I’m asked is along […]

Why case studies can’t be overlooked

Why case studies can't be overlooked

Whatever you prefer to call them: ‘customer story’, ‘application story’, ‘Use case’ etc., a case study can be a highly effective sales tool. It’s a shame then that so many SMEs still don’t integrate them into their marketing communications (marcom) plans. It’s time for a reset. For any business (particularly B2B) selling a product or […]

“By brand you mean logo right?”

No. A logo isn’t a brand (full stop) It’s just one element in a larger, more comprehensive brand identity. A brand identity guide will govern overall look and feel, how you want to be seen and recognised. It’s still not a brand though. Your brand is ultimately the result of customer perceptions and experiences; it’s […]

FAQ: Why?


I suppose I’ve always had a slightly jaundiced view of FAQ (Frequently asked questions) pages on new company websites. I’ve often found clients have only asked that I write one because their website guy has suggested it be included as a standard 6-page package deal. Why? I ask. When a website design package is offering […]

Don’t shoot your website guys. Part 2 (Going forward)

It’s a fallacy to assume that launching a well designed, written and keyphrase optimised website will mean you’ll always rank well in search engine results. And months or years after launch, when all that great work your website guys did has all been forgotten, it’s time to blame them for a poor showing. Wrong. The […]

Make a list of your customer touchpoints

I’m not a great fan of too much business jargon, the term ‘customer touchpoint’ though I like. I’m often asked to help improve the ‘customer journey’ (sorry, jargon) and what better way to develop an effective action plan than to just sit down and think (hopefully in a fairly sequential fashion) of all the ways […]

The right attitude for sending a press release

I write a number of press releases for start-ups and SMEs who haven’t got the budget to engage with a press relations agency. More often than not though I’m asked, ‘What’s next?’, ‘What’s the best way of getting it published?’ While I’m happy to discuss the convenience of using the many press release distribution services, […]