Yes, I’m a freelance copywriter. No, I’m not based in Bristol.  But I am in Bath though so if you’re looking for someone local then I’m not far away.  BA1 to BS1 must be 12 miles or so, A4 or A420, so I’ve no problem meeting up.

I do my copywriting in the Shedquarters, a garden office on the Northern outskirts of Bath (nearest the Bristol-bound M4).  I write for businesses small, medium and large, from start-ups and SMEs to multinationals.

A professional copywriter with more than 30 years experience, I’ve written on a wide and diverse range of topics and sectors.  So I’ll be quick to understand your business, to know how it’s different and better than the others.

I offer Bristol businesses a comprehensive range of copywriting services covering both on-line and in-print marketing communication (marcom) channels.  I do B2B and B2C, complex and simple, hi-tech and lo-tech – I’m versatile.

So please get in touch and if you prefer then let’s meet.  No obligation, and no hard sell.  Email or call Rob on 01225 426 815.

Save time. Reduce stress. Enhance communication. Let me write it for you ...


Call Rob on +44(0)1225 426 815 or mobile +44(0)7715 748 973