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Is it OK to start a sentence with ‘and’?

I wrote a website for a fantastic recruitment consultant in Bristol a few months ago.  And then out of the blue I received the following message from her: “I have just noticed that there are a few occasions where the sentences start with the word ‘And’. Is this grammatically acceptable? I was always taught not to start […]

Latent semantic indexing. What?

I often seem to know when a topic is trending.  This time it’s ‘latent semantic indexing’ or ‘LSI’.  I’ve had three enquiries in the last month or so for website copywriting or rewriting where the main pre-requisite has been ‘in-depth understanding of LSI’.  In my books that’s a trend. Ensuing conversations have revealed quite a […]

Email subject line survey reconfirms best practice

For ardent believers of the euphemism, ‘there’s always more than one way to crack an egg’, the notion that there’s a rigid ‘best practice’ for something can be trying. Without some empirical evidence, promoting a best practice approach to writing something, that’s based on a blend of experience, historic teachings and good old gut feel […]

Why bother with a website when there’s Facebook?

I’ve met with this ‘website vs Facebook’ question a few times recently and when it’s with a small business, rightly focused on the metrics of cost, simplicity and control, it makes for an interesting debate.  Yes, there’s obvious pros to using Facebook as an internet presence, but there’s cons and alternatives to consider too. Cost […]

A good headline isn’t as vital it as it used to be…

NOT my belief. Just a remark I overheard at a marketing event.  Unable to challenge it at the time, it’s played on my mind.  How on earth could he have reached such a conclusion?  Is it based on a view that ‘content is king’ and therefore a headline has somehow become less important? I’m mulling it […]

A tone of voice is not just for web

Whenever I stumble across an article entitled something like, ‘Developing a tone of voice for web’, I’m troubled.  I guess it’s because the implication of such writings is often that the web has somehow brought about a need for this thing called ‘tone of voice’ and worse, that it’s somehow only relevant to websites.  There’s […]

How to slow the skimmers. The 6 S’s.

Think of skim reading as a forest fire, rushing headlong, unstoppable, caring little for what it consumes.  Dangerous stuff if you’re trying to get readers to stop and absorb a particular marketing message. And you can’t stop it either.  Skim reading, speed reading – whatever you want to call it, isn’t just a habit, it’s […]

Press releases a tool of last resort?

Reading an interview with Verizon, the USA telecom company, had me pondering over the future of the press release as a communications medium. To quote the article, “Our major business units are using traditional news releases as a tool of last resort.  In its place are blogs, videos, podcasts, social media and proactive storytelling…” So […]

7 reasons why press releases are useful

When a start-up or SME pooh-poohs the suggestion of producing a press release, I’m never that surprised. After all, by its very naming it’s got a rather specific and specialised use – a method of issuing news to the media, with the aim of generating ‘free’ publicity in return. It’s much more useful than that […]

On-page SEO. It’s all about words.

‘What’s this ‘SEO’ all about?’ asked my wife. She’d just started maintaining a small company website and ‘search engine optimisation’ had come up in conversation. ‘It’s all about words.” I replied. “Want me to explain? It’ll only take five minutes…” A good half hour later and I’d finished my ramblings. “That must have been pretty […]