So what’s with the mascot?  I’ve been asked that many times that it’s merited its own page.  The honest answer is that ‘M-Dubz’ (from the ‘MW’ of Marcom Words) was only created to save me the bother of finding photos to illustrate articles and posts on social media.

And to be truthful, it was actually my Lego-loving 11-year-old son who designed M-Dubz and not me.  The verbal brief was nice and simple:  “Use the colours of my logo.  Make it look like Dad”.

He presented me with a selection of light and dark blue clothing and half a dozen faces and hairstyles to choose from.  After commissioning the guys at to add the MW logo, M-Dubz was born.

Inadvertently perhaps, but I’d like to say that it does what a brand mascot should do, in that it personifies Marcom Words’ brand attributes:  the colour blue (trust, dependability, business-like); grey hair and glasses (experience, expertise, … age); raised eyebrows and broad smile (pragmatic, friendly); it’s Lego (creative, versatile).

M-Dubz has single-handedly removed the headache of illustrating articles, newsletters and news-jacking on social media.  He solved the annual Christmas card design challenge, and has started to appear in a few animated productions too.  It’s also helped open more than a few new business doors.

I’ve come to call it my ‘alter Lego’, rather than alter ego.  A pun too far for my son.