As a professional copywriter, I bring you an experience of writing that spans more than 30 years. I’ve written for 100’s of different businesses in a variety of market sectors. So I’m happy to jump from one industry to another, from the hi-tech to the lo-tech, from B2B to B2C.

Like many professional content producers, I’ve written for businesses small, medium and very large.  I have also though worked on both sides of the client/agency divide.  So I’m equally comfortable working with in-house or in-agency teams, and their customers as well.

My experience as a commercial writer is also international in flavour and I appreciate the need to match marketing communications (marcom) with local markets.  I’ve lived and worked in France a couple of times, so have a second language too (though admittedly nurtured on the football field).

Am I experienced in your own particular line of business?  Well, I’d by lying if I said I’d written print and on-line content for each and every industry, product and service – simply not possible, for any professional copywriter (whatever they might say).

My professional writing experience is particularly broad though.  So don’t worry about me being able to understand your business and the benefits it brings.  I adapt quickly to new requirements and a lack of preconceptions often yields a fresh approach.

When you need a copywriter Email or call Rob Davies at Marcom Words on +44 (0)1225 426 815.  Copywriting examples available on request.