A blog’s not the only channel of change

I’m very privileged to be able to help some really cool start-ups and SMEs along the way. They’ve got a great new product, solid market potential and the beginnings of a memorable brand. They’re also very aware of the importance of a solid web presence and the need for dynamic (changing) content.

They appreciate from the off that search engine spiders are looking for shiny new content to crawl on and index, and realise the impact a blog can have on their search engine ranking. And yet maintaining a content-rich blog in those crazy early days can often prove a task too many – it’s a busy time after all.

I often see blog pages disappear overnight just to avoid the embarrassment of a dormant blog – to hide the fact that the last article post was 9 months ago. Written about previously, an alternative action might be to call the blog page something else instead, like ‘News’, and use it in a way that’s more flexible and less mind-intensive perhaps.

That said, I’m equally keen on websites not relying on just the one big ‘channel of change’. And these other channels (website pages) don’t have to demand a great deal of effort either. Their combined effect is to present customers and search engines with snippets of changing content – always.

Consider at least the following:

Case studies

When it comes to business-to-business marketing you can’t beat a good case study. Explaining the challenges faced by customers and how they used your product to solve their problems, with photos and happy customer quotes, a case study section on a website’s a useful thing to have.


A good photo gallery page while far less content-rich can also be used to showcase customers using your product, just photos with concise captions describing how it was applied and where exactly (really quite handy for helping geo-targeting efforts).

Plus of course the photo filenames and alt tags have been optimised for relevant search terms too, hey there’s even a click through on some of them to the full blown case study page …

New products and services

And it goes without saying that when you do introduce a new product or service then the introduction of a new, content-rich and search engine friendly companion web page is a high priority, procrastination not an option.

Press releases

I guess it’s down to over-emphasis on the importance of websites, e-marketing and social media channels but press releases imho get under-used by start-ups and SME’s. Even at the rate of a press release or two per month, they naturally create another highly optimised communication channel that’s constantly updating and delivering new content.


And what about all those kind remarks and endorsements you get from happy customers, use them to create another channel of change which, like your case studies and your gallery, provides just that little bit of extra proof that some customers need to buy.

So in terms of delivering new, relevant and useful content, a blog page really isn’t a website’s only channel of change. For a website less static, there’s many other channels worthy of consideration and they don’t need a big investment in time either.