7 reasons why press releases are useful

When a start-up or SME pooh-poohs the suggestion of producing a press release, I’m never that surprised. After all, by its very naming it’s got a rather specific and specialised use – a method of issuing news to the media, with the aim of generating ‘free’ publicity in return. It’s much more useful than that though:

  1. Keeping websites dynamic

Posting press releases in a ‘news’ or ‘blog’ section on your website means prospective customers see a more dynamic business that takes the care to communicate. Search engine spiders find new relevant content to crawl – it’s good for search engine optimisation (SEO).

  1. Customer relations

At the same time, you may want to email your press release to key customers. They feel more valued, closer to your business. If the press release is announcing a new product or service they may want to buy it too.

  1. Internal relations

And naturally, you’ll email your press release to investors and partners, your staff and distribution network. They’re an essential part of your business team, and you want them to share in your good news – before they read about it in the press 😉

  1. Newsletters

Want to issue a quarterly newsletter but never have sufficient content? A varied schedule of press releases creates a content stream you can call on to help make it happen.

  1. Social

Tweet about your press release, post it on your facebook page or linked-in account. Your social media channels get a new source of content, you get greater engagement and publicity.

  1. Press coverage

And returning to its original intent … written well and newsworthy, with a good supporting photo, a press release emailed directly to your local press and most relevant trade press will always get you press coverage. In-print, on-line or both.

And while achieving coverage in the national press will be out of reach for most start-ups and SMEs, there’s nothing to stop you broadcasting your press release more widely using free or paid-for press release distribution services. Further coverage, further afield will always result.

  1. In-bound links

And remember too, that every time your press release is published on-line or in-social and a link is made back to your website, you get an extra in-bound link. Google detects these links and deems you to be more important than you were. Good for SEO.

So, imho a good press release isn’t just about getting coverage in the media. It’s a lot more besides, pretty useful if you ask me. I’ll write it for you if you like. Contact rob@marcomwords.com