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"Hello Rob. Loving every line of the web copy!  Definitely need to discuss press releases and brochures too :) "


Ola, Maidstone

Why hire a marketing copywriter?

So why outsource your marketing content writing to a freelance marketing copywriter like Marcom Words?


‘To help boost sales’, ‘to improve customer engagement', ‘to increase visibility in the market’, ‘to attract more staff and investors’, ‘to maintain a consistent professional image’ – just some of the reasons I’ve been given over the years.


At the same time, copywriting for marketing communications (marcom) simply mightn’t be one of your core strengths.  Perhaps English isn’t your first language.  Maybe you and your team just haven’t got the time for it right now and need to focus on other aspects of the business for a while.


Or, perhaps you’re feeling that you’ve just got too close to the writing that you’ve always used and need a fresh perspective, an objective pair of eyes.  You need someone to help you revitalise the way you communicate with your target customers.


Whatever your reasoning, I’m here to listen, understand and come up with the ideas and the copywriting that works best for your business.  And since I NEVER subcontract your writing to someone else, you’ll have my undivided attention.


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