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Testimonials III

Client testimonials III

A big thank you to all clients for their very kind words.

"Oh dear. It's all too exciting!  Have got to page 16 and need to take a break.  Maybe I had too much coffee :)  Maybe copy just does that to me :)  So far so good...loving how it reads....loving what it says...feeling we have something here! Thank you….”


Josian, Corsham

"Thanks Rob for your help in producing our sales literature. I was very impressed with your professionalism and your speedy responses to any queries I had. I certainly got the feeling that nothing was too much for you. I’m looking forward to working with you again and I would definitely recommend you."





"Great stuff Rob, you really know your job - and you're not bad at it too ;)


And to think I only found you on a Google search... a good thing I did!"


Roy, Bedford


"I have only had a brief look at the writing so far Rob, but at a glimpse I am absolutely delighted" ...  "I have just finished the proof read and it's an excellent piece of writing, for which I am very grateful.   Many thanks for your work and helpful suggestions."


Bob, Purley

“Thanks for the product releases Rob, all fine as usual.  Just a few very minor tweaks and we’re good to go. Great stuff.”


Rishi, Oldham

"A company-wide rebranding was a big task to achieve, but Rob made it fun.  He asked lots of good questions and then one fine morning, it was all done!  A professional, quality result.”  


Khaled, London

" were so interested in ensuring your copy gave the best results for me – not just how quick you could get the job done.  The extra research you did was  much appreciated."


Alec, Yeovil

"It’s a great relief to have been able to hand this over to someone who has been able to produce such great results without much prompting.  It would have taken me months to find the time to write the content.”


Richard, Exeter

"Appreciation is free … Nothing at all to change in the copy … a brilliant sales letter…. Speak in the morning.  Big thanks for that !  ;-)”


Tony, London