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Marketing copywriting services

Copywriting:  Whatever marketing content you need writing, I’m here to help.  As a freelance service, I tackle lots of different topics and write all kinds of print and online material.  I’ll faithfully tell your story, crafting the copywriting to connect with your target customers, tackle any objections they might have and compel them to take the right action.


Editing & proofreading:   I’ll also edit and proofread any marketing copywriting you might already have and which you feel needs tidying up or polishing.  Similarly, if you’ve content that’s been translated into English and needs a thorough check through, then I can help with that too.


Strategic thinking:  As an experienced marketer, I’m also equally happy to work with you to determine: your typical customer persona; your core business values; the most important and unique benefits your product or service offers; your competitive positioning… your 'marketing communications (marcom) blueprint'.


Project management:   And while the marketing copywriting you use is vitally important, great content and great design go hand-in-hand in the creation of the most effective marcom materials.  So if you need a more end-to-end service, then I can manage your marketing projects for you, working with trusted digital and print designers, printers, translators and others to provide you with a complete solution.


To discuss your requirements call Rob on 01225 426 815


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