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Save time, save stress.  Let me write for your business in Melksham.


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Copywriting for Melksham

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I’m not actually based in Melksham, Wiltshire but I am a freelance marketing copywriter and I live just 12 miles away in Bath.  So if you prefer to work with someone local who you can meet with face-to-face, then please count me in.


Just as cost-effective as a copywriter in Melksham, I offer you in-depth experience of copywriting, marketing and sales in a variety of different market sectors.  And I work with all kinds of companies too, from early stage start-ups to big corporates.


Big or small, if your business is based near Melksham and you need a good, flexible local copywriter to write a brochure or an email, a website or anything else, please just get in touch.  I’m really not that far away.


Call Rob on 01225 426 815.

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