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Marketing copywriting experience

My marketing copywriting experience spans more than 25 years.  I’ve written for 100’s of businesses in a variety of different sectors.  So I’m comfortable hopping from one industry to another, from the lo-tech to the hi-tech, from B2B to B2C. As a quick measure of my copywriting experience, take a peak at my A-Z experience list ...


I’ve written copy for businesses big and small, and have worked on both sides of the agency-client fence, so I’m equally comfortable working with in-house or in-agency teams, and their customers as well.


My experience is also international in flavour and I appreciate the need to match marketing communications (marcom) with local markets.  I’ve lived and worked in France a couple of times too, so have a second language (though admittedly nurtured on the football field).


So am I experienced in your own particular line of business?  Possibly, though I’d by lying if I said I’d written copy about every industry, product and service – simply not possible.


My marketing copywriting experience is broad though.  So don’t worry about me being able to understand your business and the benefits it brings.  I adapt quickly to new requirements.  A lack of preconceptions often yields a fresh approach.


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Some of the  topics

I've written about:



borehole drilling




general aviation


letter boxes


retail insurance

satellite broadcasting


therapeutic services


Click here for A-Z experience list

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