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"EXCELLENT !!!!!!  By god I think you nailed it !!!!  Brochure reads really well - well done Rob"




Marketing copywriting clients

What kinds of clients do I work with?  Well, as a freelance marketing copywriter I’ve written for 100’s of different clients in many different sectors, from the consumer to the industrial, the B2C to the B2B, the lo-tech to the hi-tech.  All kinds.


I write for owners and marketers at companies small, medium and large, from early stage start-ups through to major blue chips.  And creative agencies of all types too (print, digital, marcom and PR), printers as well.  So yes, I’m flexible.


Joining your creative process at any stage, I complement you and your team in the way you need most.  I work with clients throughout the UK, locally in the South West and South Wales and overseas too, mainly France, Germany and Nordic countries.


So look to me to provide that little extra copywriting resource you need from time to time.  A new idea, an alternative approach maybe.  Some fresh thinking and the right words to enhance your brand and help boost product or service sales.  


Just get in touch.  Call Rob on 01225 426 815


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