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If you’re looking for a marketing copywriter near Chippenham in Wiltshire, Google’s probably brought you to me because I’m only 13 miles away, just down the A4.  I’ve lived on the eastern edge of Bath since 2001.


So while I write for clients throughout the UK and Internationally too, I also work with clients closer to home, who just prefer to work with a local copywriter who they can meet with from time to time.  In Chippenham or Bath, SN15 or BA1, either’s fine by me.


I’m as cost effective as any copywriter based in Chippenham and I bring you more than 25 years worth of marketing copywriting experience in a huge range of different sectors.  For print or on-line writing, trust me to save you some time and stress.


Whether it’s for an advert or a brochure, a website or an email, your marketing copywriting needs to work as hard and effectively as it can.  You just leave it to me.  No, I don’t live in Chippenham, but I’m really not far.


Get in touch for a no-obligation chat and competitive quote.  Call Rob on 01225 426 815.

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