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Case study writing

Case study writing

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Is there any marketing material more effective at communicating your core competence and credibility than a case study?  Any better way to elicit immediate trust?  I can write it for you.


A real world success story explaining the benefits a valued customer gained from using your product and service, how s/he had a problem and you fixed it.  It’s the real ‘proof of the pudding’.


And how flexible is a case study?  Very!  Publish it in the press, showcase it on your website, at an exhibition, include it with a product brochure, send it with a quotation.  It’s a valuable weapon in your marketing communication (marcom) armoury.


Let me write your case studies.  I’ll handle it all, interviews with you, your client, first draft, revisions and a final good proof read when it’s all laid out.  Get in touch with Rob.  Call 01225 426 815.                                      Samples available on request.

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