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Brochure writing

Brochure writing

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You know that a great brochure, pamphlet, leaflet or flyer remains one of the most useful and powerful marketing communication (marcom) tools.  Written well, it’ll raise credibility, enhance brand image and support sales.  I can write it for you.


To be effective, your brochure writing has to grab attention, maintain interest and inspire action.  It needs content that's written from the customer’s viewpoint, answering questions and overcoming objections in the right order.


Turning features into real customer benefits.  Balancing information delivery with persuasion. Your brochure text will be easy and enjoyable to read – engaging from beginning to end.


As your cost effective freelance brochure writer I’ll write the words your brochure needs to succeed.  And if you want, I can manage your brochure design and print as well.  Call Rob on 01225 426 815.


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