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By Rob, Dec 20 2017 02:58PM

Until only a few years ago I was never really asked about corporate tone of voice, these days it’s probably half a dozen times a year. In the main, the question’s come from SMEs. They’ve read about it online and they’re wondering whether it merits their attention.

Admittedly, while I find that in most cases, for reasons of either time, cost or competing needs, a formal ‘tone of voice guide’ doesn’t make a huge amount sense for sole traders and early stage businesses, an understanding of its role nevertheless remains useful.

By Rob, Feb 14 2017 07:59AM

Marcom Words is 5 today. To all of my clients, a huge thank you for putting your trust in me. A big shout out to the super web and print design guys who've helped make it happen: Stuart, Stephen, Caroline, Colin, Andrew and Mike. And a massive thanks to my family for all their support and patience, especially Jules Davies, Cheers ! Rob x


"Thanks Rob for all your effort on the website copy.  It all sounds fab!"