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By Rob, Apr 25 2018 03:02PM

The average day rate for a copywriter in the UK in 2017 was £339. It’s not guesswork either. The figure comes from the annual survey of the Professional Copywriters Network, which I’m a member of. Assuming a short 7-hour day that’s about £50 per hour.

But that’s an average, and hourly rates across the country do span a typical range from £30 to £100 per hour. In answering the question, how much for a copywriter? It depends on a lot of different factors. And it’s worth considering them all.

By Rob, Apr 9 2018 02:47PM

If you maintain a business Facebook page then keep a sharp eye out for ‘Our Story’. When it does pop up on yours (like it just has on mine) it’ll need your attention. In short it’s a new page that adds an extra photo and introductory copy to the right hand column just below your main cover photo.

By Rob, Mar 26 2018 08:12AM

I suppose I’ve always had a slightly jaundiced view of FAQ (Frequently asked question) pages on new company websites. I’ve often found clients have only asked that I write one because a website guy has suggested it be included as a standard page. Why? I ask.


"Thanks Rob for all your effort on the website copy.  It all sounds fab!"