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So if you’ve been looking for ‘copywriters in Bath’ and arrived here, then the search engine’s worked just fine.  Yes I’m a professional freelance copywriter, and yes I’m based in Bath.  I arrived in 2001 and have made it my home.


While most of my copywriting clients are found far beyond the borders of Bath and North East Somerset, throughout the UK and overseas, I love working with local businesses.  Meeting face-to-face makes a really nice change.


I bring 25 years experience of marketing copywriting for businesses big and small, so whether you need a complete website writing, a brochure or just a press release, I’m your one stop copywriting shop.


And since Bath’s such a super creative hub, I also get to partner with some fab local designers, working on a variety of print and digital marketing projects that I manage for clients who simply haven’t got the time to do it themselves.


So please get in touch and let’s meet.  No obligation, no hard sell.   Your call.

I'm on 01225 426 815.

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